Make Your WordPress More Trustworthy in One, Simple Step!

That’s Right, People Look for the Lock Symbol When Going to Your Website – Is it NOT There??


Your website needs to have every page be secure. There’s no way around that now. Google expects it because they want to give the best results, right? If your website doesn’t have every page secure (using SSL), then you’re basically telling Google you don’t want traffic to it.

You’re also telling your website visitors that you don’t care about their experience on your website.

Wait… WHAT?

Yes, that’s true. This is the world we live in now. People expect security online because of so many data breaches. Some people will leave or not even go to your website unless they see it’s secure. In fact, Google is telling searches that websites in their results are not secure – as a WARNING to them.

Is that how you want to present the first impression of your business?

The Fact Is… Making Your WordPress Website Secure is EASY!

And it’s not difficult to do, either.

That leaves you with no real excuse to not make your WordPress website secure – especially because I wrote down how to do it in this book…

Install SSL on WordPress – For Free in Just 10 Minutes!

Force HTTPS WordPress - Install SSL on WordPress by Tony Herman

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  • How to get a FREE SSL certificate
  • How to install an SSL certificate on your domain name
  • How to make every page of your WordPress website load securely
  • How to add a SSL badge to the bottom of your website

There’s even a VIDEO WALKTHROUGH of me doing it on one of my websites, so I show you how to do this, step-by-step!

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