Need More Website Traffic and Clicks from Searches?

You May Just Need to Change Your Headlines… That’s It!


Think about the search results you click on when you do a Google search…

You click on something that looks like it’ll be the answer, right?

And what are you clicking on?

It’s usually the article or web page’s headline.

How that headline is written… matters!

Google Knows Which Headlines Work!

Did you know Google measures which pages get the most clicks? They do! Two websites could have the similar kind of information on them but if one has a better headline (more compelling) that gets more clicks, Google will put that result up higher in the rankings – even though the websites and content might be equal. That’s because they want to produce the best search results possible.

Your content can be getting those higher rankings by simply improving your article headlines. Make your content more compelling. That means it’s something that can’t be missed. People will see it and think they’re missing out on something if they don’t click on it. THAT is how you get more traffic!

So I Wrote a Book About It!

Yes, I’m giving you examples and ways to improve your articles and headlines in the book:

448 Ways to Instantly Improve Article & Headlines

Examples of headline writing - 448 Ways to Instantly Improve Articles & Headlines by Tony Herman

Why 488? Well, I added up all the tips and help I give you and that is what it came to.

Here is what you get:

  • 14 Article Writing Tips
  • 3 Examples of Improving Headlines
  • 201 Magic Words
  • 46 Action Words
  • 176 Headline Starters
  • 1 Article Writing Cheat Sheet
  • 4 Bonus Material / Resources

The information in this book took hours and days to put together but my pain is your gain. It’s easily worth $27 or more but you can get it here with your membership on for a low, low price. You also get ALL the content here for that same, low price! WOW!

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