Get Your Small Business Website Ranking Higher for More Traffic

You Have a Better Business Than Your Competition
But Why Doesn’t Your Website Rank High?


Those are the questions I hear a lot. You have a good business and you’re WAY better than your competition but why doesn’t your website rank high? Doesn’t Google know how good your business is? Why are they sending traffic to your lame competition instead? It doesn’t make sense!

While all of that may be true, you may be missing a few, critical steps. They may even be steps your website designer completely missed!

You may be able to claim the website rankings you want, need, and deserve by just fixing a few things.

Yes, it could be that simple!

I’ve been in the website design business a long time and I’ve seen new clients bring in some nice looking websites that were just not built right. It’s things you can’t see unless you know what to look for. The bad thing is, business owners see a nice website built for them and don’t know the questions to ask or what to look for. They have nice websites but since they were made the wrong way, Google doesn’t want to rank them.

This is bad.

After seeing this for so long, I decided to write a book about it so small business owners would not get duped any more. It’s called: Getting Traffic: SEO for Small Business

DIY SEO for Small Business - Getting Traffic by Tony Herman

In this book, I’ll show you:

  • How to check your current website to see if it’s set up right. There may be some things you can fix that will improve it right away. This is called “on-site SEO” and it’s powerful.
  • How to optimize existing pages so that they rank higher.
  • How to find out what kind of content you need to add to get your website to rank higher and get more traffic.
  • How to give Google and your website audience the content they want.
  • How to get good links to your website – to help boost it in rankings.
  • How social media should properly be used for your website.
  • The best kind of SEO (search engine optimization) you should be doing.

BONUS! Each chapter gives you a list of items to take action on so that you actually get this work done.

This is book is easily worth $230 since that is what I would charge (and have charged) my clients for this same information.

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