Some Guy Showed up on a Street With Some Chalk – the Result Will Blow Your Mind into Next Week

A street artist by the name of Luis Ramirez Guzman (but goes by Dazer) created a piece of 3D chalk art that will have you reeling. Over the course of a couple of days, he was able to create a masterpiece just using pieces of chalk and his imagination. You won’t think the same way about the question of “is the glass half empty or half full?” ever again.

He began with a simple outline.

Or not so simple, for those of us who can’t draw like this.

The shading begins…

As the shading is darkened, you can see how the 3rd dimension begins to take shape.

You’d think he is almost done, but now it’s time for the color.

It’s mind-boggling how anyone can simply come up with an idea this creative.

Simply stunning.

The level of detail on a work of art that was bigger than the artist is still incredibly intricate.

“Un vaso lleno de vacío.”

“A glass filled with emptiness.”

To see more of his incredible work, please visit his site or Facebook page. Source

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