Why Sloths Are Secretly The Most Awesome Animals Alive

Some days, I wish I could just lay around my house and do nothing all day. I imagine a world where I could just chill out all day and not worry about money, work, or responsibilities. It dawned on me that the “fantasy” world I’m imagining is the life of a sloth.

Sloths are awesome because of how blatantly lazy they are and I think we could all learn a little bit from them. It would be amazing if each of us could just take a while to relax and enjoy the sweet life. So let’s learn some life lessons from sloths:

1.) They only “go potty” once a week because their digestive system has slowed with the rest of their anatomy.

2.) Algae grow on their fur and they are host to several other non parasitic insects as well.

3.) Their diet, which consists of leaves and greens gives them very little energy for the day. This is one of the reasons for their slow movement.

4.) Sloths are going extinct and it’s not because of predators. It is because of human tampering with their environment.

5.) Sloths can live to be around 40 years old.

6.) When under attack, sloths are known to lash out with their claws. It’s rumored they can even kill a jaguar if they needed to.

7.) Their grip is so strong that even after they die they can be found gripping the branch they died on.

8.) Some sloths can turn their head almost 360 degrees.

9.) Sloths can actually swim pretty well.

10.) Sloths have only one baby a year and won’t have another until that baby sloth can live independently.

They’re adorable, lazy and excellent mother. What’s not to like about sloths? In fact, I’m going to go take a nap in honor of these great creatures.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/sloths/

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