21 Boozy Cider Drinks To Try This Fall

1. Warm Vanilla Cider

Warm Vanilla Cider

Anything that involves bourbon AND whipped cream is something I want to know more about. Get the recipe.

2. Pumpkin & Apple Cider Fizz

Pumpkin & Apple Cider Fizz

Brandon Matzek / kitchenkonfidence.com

This one calls for a little pumpkin puree in the mix, so you’ll want to use a fine mesh strainer to avoid awkward bits. Get the recipe.

3. Apple Cider Sangria

Apple Cider Sangria

Jessica Merchant / howsweeteats.com

The recipe calls for pinot grigio, but feel free to try your favorite kind of white wine. Get the recipe.

4. Bourbon Apple Cider

Bourbon Apple Cider

Rachael White / rachaelwhite.me

As simple as it gets, except for the important garnishes: cinnamon sugar on the rim and a sprig of rosemary. Get the recipe.

5. Northwood #2

Northwood #2

Craig Cutler / bonappetit.com

Between the rum, brandy, lemon, cider, and maple syrup, it’ll cure anything that ails you. Get the recipe.

6. Cranberry Apple Cider Cocktail

Cranberry Apple Cider Cocktail

Emily Caruso / jellytoastblog.com

The end result here is way classier than you’d expect from something involving vodka, OJ, and cranberry juice. Get the recipe.

7. The Young Buck

The Young Buck

Christopher Lehault / seriouseats.com

Sparkling cider with ginger beer and hibiscus syrup. Get the recipe.

8. Cider Rum Punch

Cider Rum Punch

Michael Lewicki / versesfrommykitchen.com

A classy, fizzy punch with rum, lemon, and thyme. Get the recipe.

9. Mulled Cider

Mulled Cider

Going halfsies on wine and cider makes a lighter, fresher party drink than straight-up mulled wine. Get the recipe.

10. Maple Cider Cherry Whiskey

Maple Cider Cherry Whiskey

Carlene Thomas / swoonedmagazine.com

All good things. Get the recipe.

11. Snakebite


Christopher Lehault / seriouseats.com

The easiest of easy: Just a nice lager beer + a nicer hard cider. Here’s how to make it.

12. Irish Cider

Irish Cider

Justin Leavy / nydailynews.com

With whiskey AND rum — this one’s not messing around. Get the recipe.

13. The Pom Pomme

The Pom Pomme

Autumn Giles / seriouseats.com

Pomegranate juice, ginger liqueur, apple brandy, and hard cider. Get the recipe.

14. Brandy-Apple Punch

Brandy-Apple Punch

Jill Santopietro / chow.com

With a splash of cranberry to make it blush. Get the recipe.

15. Hard Cider Sangria

Hard Cider Sangria

Christina Holmes / foodandwine.com

A pretty party drink, made with lemon juice and apple brandy. Get the recipe.

16. Apple Cider Margaritas

Apple Cider Margaritas

Jessica Merchant / howsweeteats.com

Tequila and cider might not hang out all the time, but when they do hang, they hang hard. Get the recipe.

17. Sparkling Apple Cinnamon Cocktail

Sparkling Apple Cinnamon Cocktail

The cinnamon simple syrup in this will be handy to keep around for cinnamoning all kinds of things. Get the recipe.

18. Apple Rye Punch

Apple Rye Punch

James Ransom / food52.com

Made with fresh apple cider AND sparkling hard cider. Can you handle it?? Get the recipe.

19. Sazerac and Cider

Sazerac and Cider

Autumn Giles / seriouseats.com

For the cider fan who wants to feel like they’re sitting in a fancy bar in New Orleans. Get the recipe.

20. The Bobbing For Mezcal

The Bobbing For Mezcal

Lisa Lavery / chow.com

Smoky mezcal adds a little *autumnal campfire flair* to this cocktail. Get the recipe.

21. Spiked Apple Cider Floats

Spiked Apple Cider Floats

Jaclyn Fishman / foodpluswords.com

Listen, if you offer me alcohol AND ice cream in one convenient package, I’m not gonna say no. Get the recipe.

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